Actor Jason Abalos remains silent over the alleged sex video scandal that involves him, photos taken using the chat messaging app Viber.

Even though the video is not yet visible in any networking sites, according to sources, some netizens were able to furnish a copy and are due to spread it.

Some netizens said that they are dismayed over the actor because they thought he wasn't your typical celebrity, but as they say, he's just like the rest of those whose sex videos went viral.

Sources said that he flaunted his manhood in front of the camera while chatting with someone. The person on the other end, reports said, captured the alleged scandal video that got leaked over the weekend.

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  1. link for the video http://greatmoviescollection.blogspot.com/2015/08/watch-jason-abalos-sex-scandal-video.html

  2. May link ka pa? Penge po link pls