Internet user beware: fake video with virus about Jasmine Smith-Curtis and Sam Concepcion sex scandal is spreading viral online like wildfire.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion Scandal
Photo courtesy of Sam Concepcion's Instagram

This fake video of the alleged couple, purportedly having intimate acts, is making the rounds online and infecting Internet users with a virus if they dare to open it, according to some sources.

Bandera reported that the fake video titled "Beware: Be careful of the sex video scandal of Jasmine at Sam!" opens with a Facebook like button still before moving on to other pages, where it attempts to make a harmful installation onto the Internet users computer.

Bandera added that the girl actually looked like Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and the boy in his profile can be mistaken for Sam Concepcion.

The fake video is another in a long line of cyber crime activities that keep the computers active with virus and this video attempts to do what others have in the past: put a trojan on your computer.

Facebook users are the ones seeing and experiencing the video's harmful effects, at present, as this is where it is being circulated at the moment. However, it isn't uncommon to see such cyber activity spread quickly to other venues, especially once the Facebook public becomes more aware of the dangers.

To avoid virus attack, users should refrain from opening video links from sites that are not reputable news sources.

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