Pinoy Big Brother All In is allegedly in the middle of a scandalous acts by two housemates after a picture of Cess Visitacion and Axel Torres doing intimate acts inside famous house is circulating online.

Cess Visitacion earned irate from Twitter and Facebook users because of her being "cess-mosa" and obvious crush on Axel, the hottie basketball player from De La Salle.

Cess was forced evicted from the house after Big Brother confirmed Cess breaking house rules. She committed a total of five violations, namely those regarding questions about the outside, removing their lapel mics, whispering, moving house furniture, and writing secret messages.

The image above is circulating online with a caption
BREAKING NEWS: Cess Scandal?, GRABE ang reaction ng NETIZENS sa kumakalat na VIDEO nila CESS at AXEL dahil kitang kitang inupuan ni CESS si AXEL, Ano nga bang MILAGRO ang nangyayare sa loob ng bahay ni KUYA?

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