A Cebu man caught his 51-year-old father having sex with his wife and hacked him to death inside his house in Barangay Pangdan, Naga City at dawn Thursday, December 12, police authorities said.

Filipino Bolos (Photo credits: FilipinoBolos.com)

Suspect Marjon Manriquez, 26, hacked his father Ananias with a 16-inch bolo in the neck and head repeatedly, killing him.

Ananias died about half an hour after he was admitted to the South General Hospital in Barangay Tuyan, Naga City.

Police said Marjon was arrested in his house in Sitio Suton, Barangay Pangdan after his 32-year-old wife, Hazel, reported to police on his whereabouts.

Marjon revealed that he had known about the illicit affair as early as June, but chose to ignore it to avoid public scandal.

Authorities were awaiting word from the victim’s other children to file a parricide case against Manriquez. Officials did not know immediately if he has a prior criminal history but wife claimed that her husband Marjjon has had a previous criminal record.

Police further stated that if no one comes forward to file a case, they will have no choice, but to release Marjon Manriquez.

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