A Globe Telecom customer from Malolos City, Bulacan has pitched his claim for the largest ever single-person Globe phone bill after getting a demand from Globe for P3,272,623, and thirty-eight centavos.

Elmer De Jesus De Guzman's bill for 24 Oct 13 - 23 Nov 13 (Click image for FULL view)

Elmer De Jesus De Guzman of Planet Holiday Travel and Tour, who posted the details on his Facebook wall, was initially quite jovial about what was so obviously a clerical error. “After a long trip abroad, being home is the best feeling. But it was ruined after I received this message. How would you react if you receive a phone bill like this?,” he said.

Upon opening the statement, he found himself face-to-face with a bill somewhat higher than his usual P3,000 to P4,000. That’s the equivalent of about 888 times of his statement in 24 September 2013 to 23 October 2013. In case the total is a bit too large to comprehend for a single-phone Globe user. Worst of all, Globe representatives claimed that it was really correct.

De Guzman called Globe Telecom several times to dispute the charge, but the company neither stopped claiming that the said statement was really correct not until his post went viral online on social media. "System error daw. They were sorry for the “abala”… sabi ko hindi abala yun, it can cause anyone a heart attack. On my side, I was so stressed and almost ruined my trip when I first read their text message with the 7 digits amount,” he recalled.

3,000,000 Globe Phone Bill Breakdown (Click image for FULL view) 

“They already offered a resolution, but they told me it will take 1-2 billing cycle before they can resolve it. So I said no way,” he added.

Other customers have faced unreasonably large Globe cell phone bills in the past, but none can stand up to the sheer exorbitance of De Guzman’s.

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