Need help with finding your voter precinct number and location because link to the COMELEC Precinct Finder is down? You've come to the right place.

This link was created to help eligible voters figure out how and where to go vote. Here are the steps to get your Voter Precinct Number and Location:

Step 1: Check COMELEC's Precinct Finder first before you proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Step 1 is NOT working? Please complete the form embedded below.

Step 3: Send a text message "PCOMP" to ########### to inform us you have completed the form above.

STEP 4: If you need to receive your Voter Precinct Number and Location via text message, please do a PASALOAD of P5.00 to ########### and send a text message "PCOMPVoter's Name (First, Middle, Last) to ###########. For SMART users, key in ########### 5 and send to 808.

For nonSMART users, please go to a reloading station near you.

NOTE: Requester who has made a PASALOAD will be generated immediately. Recipient's email address must be working or valid in order for you to receive your Voter Info.

This FORM was created at 10:45 AM, May 10, 2013.


For the information of everybody, IVotePH.com and Bazics.net are NOT under the jurisdiction of the COMELEC. We are independent individuals who are eager to help eligible voters figure out how and where to go vote.

As you know, the Precinct Finder of COMELEC is not working right now due to heavy traffic from Internet users who want to know their precinct numbers and locations.

This link was created for free of use and you are NOT obliged to use STEP 4. It's very clear in our statement that you will ONLY use STEP 4 if you really NEED it.

NOW, regarding the PASALOAD, as we claimed above we are independent individuals. Hence, we have no budget to text you informing of your Voter Info. That's why we need a PASALOAD from you to be used to ask you few questions.

Usually, we do not send you only one message out of your P5.00 PASALOAD. We also ask you some questions for clarifications.

Now, if you'll be hurt to give a PASALOAD then don't PROCEED to STEP 4 and WAIT for your turn to arrive.

NOTICE: As of 7:00 a.m., May 13, a total of 751 requests are still pending to process. The system that we use is hanging and is NOT responding smoothly. Please, don't send us a PASALOAD if you have not completed the form above, which is restricted yet for us now. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

VOTER INFOS generated so far:

  1. Jerunia Jacinto Fuertes
  2. Ulyssis Rodriguez Castillo
  3. Jason Romeon Diaz
  4. Sarah Jane Manatad Hambre
  5. Catherine Verueco Oguite
  6. Andamon Abad Abilar
  7. Imelda Alorro Serrato
  8. Carmelita Sy Chua
  9. Ramon Sim Chua
  10. Arnold Avenido Batulan
  11. Aiza Gavica Bares
  12. Dendarl Kong Yusop
  13. Ramon Jr. Doguiles Navarrete
  14. Evelyn De Chavez Quitevis
  15. Isidoro Jr. Vallega Weill
  16. Violeta Verueco Marcos
  17. Rizalene Ann Celestial Caballero
  18. Alden Roi Dimayuga Copuyoc
  19. Lelanie Omalin Casacop
  20. Phaula Jhane Huvalla Ramos
  21. Melanie Pajarillo Dolorfo
  22. France Almira Remoquillo Cristobal
  23. Michael Quisisem Estacio
  24. Jonathan Maru Kwan
  25. Ian Glenn Toralba Batingal
  26. Jan Luc Ko Ocampo
  27. Marilyn Carrascal Robles
  28. Violeta Verueco Robles
  29. Karren Joy Gabasa Lumandog
  30. Michelle Tuason Villas
  31. Oscar Manimtim Ortilla
  32. Bobby Gahusta Gabisay
  33. Marivic Rabino Sombilon
  34. Ezekiel Recto Borja
  35. Joan Marie Tan Chi
  36. Joel Causapin Hernandez
  37. Manessa Glorina Donato Ferrer
  38. Connie Pilapil Magallanes
  39. John Albert Sobremisana Donado
  40. Maricel Ignacio Manglo
  41. Jennifer Magayes Rodriguez
  42. Neriza Del Rosario Ditangan
  43. Jonathan Cavero Casas
  44. Mercedita Mano Danao
  45. Roxanne Teves Padilla
  46. Arjay Facundo Balcita
  47. Xylee Manuel Gutierrez
  48. John Anthony Tungol Navarro
  49. Aileen Sambilon Baliwan
  50. Raul Batol Loreto
  51. Marjorie Pacayra Breguera
  52. Nely Ballon Ares
  53. Luwella Siose Mapanao
  54. Alfredo III Tamayo Dacua
  55. Renalyn Love Demetillo Plaza
  56. Romulo Rebadolla Mesias
  57. Lia Amor Garcia Arcaina
  58. Marilyn Gonzalbo Tan
  59. Simpleton Salvador Iguiz
  60. Nonilon Jr. Rosas Geolin
  61. Jocelyn Bontemil Gamez
  62. Jeffrey Buquing Valdez
  63. Reynaldo Guarin Caballero
  64. Rizalina Celestial Caballero
  65. Joalvin Dionco Casiño
  66. Marjorie Alfaro Matias
  67. Evelyn Carpio Ylagan
  68. Corazon Antonette Banaag Castillo
  69. Ghemalyn Mabaga Dela Peña
  70. Roberto Zalsos Tañedo
  71. Gervacio Dulin Cornell
  72. Arvee Fernandez Ramirez
  73. Cheryl Bacla-an Villaflor
  74. Roberto Camacho Alvez
  75. Raquel Jao Lu
  76. Josephine Dela Cruz Pangan
  77. Enrique Basiwa Velasco
  78. Jay Pansacala Abrenilla
  79. Reynette Arligue Salgado
  80. Arlene Dacillo Bulong
  81. Alan Batayola Caceres
  82. Edeliza Toquero Legaspi
  83. Rose Ann Luna Germanes
  84. Jay Pansacala Abrenilla
  85. Arlene Dacillo Bulong
  86. Romeo Lacson De Lemos
  87. Elyn Trocio Sanchez
  88. Suzaralyn Raquion Morales
  89. Catherine Obillo Calabson
  90. Butch Galo Salazar
  91. Calixto Balitaan Balitaan

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