A local prosecutor was accused of several charges including R.A. 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004) for allegedly having videotaped sex with a lawyer girlfriend that is circulating on the Internet.

Reports said the sex video scandal, reportedly recorded in 2011, involved a former lawyer of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), now a Quezon City prosecutor, and a fellow PAO lawyer, reportedly a daughter of a member of the judiciary who is now in Canada.

The QC prosecutor is now facing at least four charges that include grave coercion, grave threats and violation of R.A. 9262 and a complaint for voyeurism against the wife.

The case filed by the wife of the male fiscal now falls with the jurisdiction of the DOJ, according to the Prosecutor General Claro Arellano, Inquirer said.

According to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, the sex video is a collateral issue that demonstrates the emergence of the use and abuse of technology. She appealed, Inquirer said, to prosecutors to be decent and have integrity in their lives. De Lima asked the prosecutors not to engage in immorality in order to be a good example in the society.

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