Watch Chicser's appearance on livestream.com. #ChicserLiveStream is one of the trending topics in Twitter. Chicser is being liked and talked by more than 100,000 fans already on Facebook as of this posting.

Thousands of fans are waiting for the live stream of the group band Chicser and is being wished by many to air their appearance via livestream.com.

About Chicser

Meet Ranz Kyle Ongsee, Ulysees Webb Basa, Clarence “CAV” Villafuerte, Biboy Chua Cabigon, brothers Owy and Oliver Posadas – together they are called CHICSER. It all started as High School Barkadas whose passion is to dance and showcase it with the help of internet sites. With just less than a year ago, Chicser incredibly gained thousands of fans in various social networking and video sites.

Chicser aims to be an inspiration to the youth and be a role model to all their fans. With God as a center of their life, Chicser aims to share their talent, give entertainment, and spread the good news to all for the advancement of His Kingdom.

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