The Department of Education (DepEd) revealed on Tuesday that its proposed Kindergarten+12 years (K+12) education program will be implemented next year. Incoming high school freshmen will become Grade 7 in Academic Year 2012-2013.

In a clearer view, enrolled first year up to fourth year high school students this year will not experience the senior high school years (Grade 11 & Grade 12) of K12 basic education program. The K+12 basic education plan consists of kindergarten, six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school (Grade 7 to 10), and two years of senior high school.

“In 2012, we will begin using the new curriculum for Grade 1 and Grade 7 (first year of junior high school). The curriculum is almost complete for these two levels and we will soon begin preparing our teachers,” Luistro said in a forum at the Heritage Hotel the other day.

He said a large portion of the P318-billion budget for education will be devoted to providing textbooks and teacher’s training, Inquirer News said.

The K+12 program is expected to fill in the deficiencies and strengthen students’ competencies in core subjects such as English, Math and Science.

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