Watch December 10, 2011 total lunar eclipse live stream. The last total lunar eclipse this year will appear in Asia, Australia, eastern Europe, and northwest North America and in the western sky Saturday morning just before dawn in the west coast of the U.S.

A lot of video coverage are out in the web to telecast live the second rare lunar eclipse of 2011. Hong Kong Observatory is one of the agencies will capture the greatest eclipse. In the Philippines, the greatest eclipse will be observed at exactly 10:31 PM (PST).

The full Moon will glide through the coppery shadow of Earth, producing a total lunar eclipse visible from the Pacific side of our planet. For residents of the western USA and Canada, the event unfolds at dawn and will be magnified to super-sized proportions by the Moon illusion.

The eclipse will begin at 4:45 a.m. PST when a red shadow starts to cover the moon. Those in western North America will have the best views well before dawn, but can still catch the eclipse until as late as 6:05 a.m. PST, according to NASA Science Cast.

Sky Watchers Association of North Bengal (SWAN), India first live webcast on 15th June 2011 total lunar Eclipse came out to be one of the largest viewed webcast of the event - as reported by media. Now, it caters again this rare event. Its webcast will be visible through its site www.skywatchersindia.com or its webcast channel www.livestream.com/swansiliguri. Though the Lunar eclipse is going to begin at Indian Standard Time (IST) 05:03:36PM (UT 11:33:36), its casting will start following it at IST 06:00:00PM (UT 12:30:00 hr).

Live streams for North Dakota and Nevada can be viewed at http://www2.und.edu/our/uletter/?p=21706 and http://www.stargazersonline.org/webcast/, respectively

Slooh's live coverage of the total lunar eclipse will begin at 13:00 UTC/5:00 AM PST - 6 feeds from around the world. You can visit their website at www.slooh.com.

NOTE: Using SLOOH's website, you can choose to view coverage from Mauna Kea - HI, Australia - East, Haleakala - HI, Waipahu - HI, Singapore, and Australia - Coral T.

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