Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago filed a bill, formally known as the “Anti-Signage of Public Works Act,” or commonly referred to as “Anti-Epal Bill,” prohibiting public officials to affix their name or image to any signage on a proposed or ongoing public works project.

Also known as Senate Bill No. 1967, Santiago said that appending the names of officials on public works projects either funded or facilitated through their office is “unnecessary and highly unethical.”

"Crediting individuals instead of the government on such projects promotes a culture of political patronage and corruption, and diminishes the concept of continuity of good governance," she added.

The creation and filing of her newest bill came from the fact that it has become almost standard practice that politicians plastering their names and faces on projects funded by taxpayers.

Further, the bill allows only signs and billboards that bear the name, image or logo of the local or national government agency handling the project.

Photo Credits: GraceAbonillo.net

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  1. I hope this bill will pass ASAP!!dami kapal muks na politics...no.1 at manila the tarpulin queen Trisha bonoan david ginagamit pang picture nia nung 17yrs old eh 50yrs na ata ung matanda...no.2 recom echiverri kht san sa caloocan nkakalat muhka,tigas ng mukha magnanakaw na sobrang manyak pa trip n trip niang mga babae ung medyo chaby prang c marjorie barreto....hope this pass will pass ni job sen santiago...