Rice husk stoves, also known as rice hull stoves, have been gaining popularity nowadays. It even gained a rank 2 spot in Yahoo Philippines. A low-cost and environment friendly stove was invented and modeled in 2003 by Alexis T. Belonio, a professor, engineer, scientist, innovator, and inventor.

Alexis Belonio was the first Filipino to receive the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2008. In 2010, he was also an awardee of Tech Museum of Innovation Award.

But before it gained popularity here in the Philippines, it was the other countries which benefited first a lot.

In Nepal, a Bhairahawa based enterprise called Metal Nepal with 60 employees produces 300 stoves in one day, has sold more than 100,000 rice husk stoves in the Terai region alone in 2009.

Currently being produced by companies in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam and other regions, rice hull stoves or rice husk gasifier stoves are low-cost and environment-friendly and address the high cost of fuel associated with domestic cooking and with supplying heat for various small-scale industries applications such as drying, baking, and heating.

In 2010, mass production in China, with more than 1.3 billion population, begun.

The Center for Rice Husk Technology (CRHET) develops rice husk gas stove technology and disseminates the information free of charge, including technology handbooks and fabrication manuals.

Watch videos of Alexis Belonio's invention below:

Features of Rice Hull Stove
● Uses agri-waste rice husk as fuel
● Affordable
● Convenient to use
● Easy to ignite fuel
● No smoke during operation
● Flame intensity can be controlled
● Uses very small amount of DC current to energize the fan
● Easy to load fuel and to discharge char
● Adoptable for AC outlet, battery, or solar panel
● Highly efficient
● Handy
● Safe to operate

Some companies or organizations also sell rice husk fueled stoves and ovens for bakeries and restaurants.

How to Make Rice Husk Stove

Embedded below is the handbook or manual on how to make a rice husk stove by Engr. Alexis T. Belonio. You can download it for free for you own use or share it to others.

Belonio Gasifier Stove Handbook

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