While I was on an LRT 1 ride from EDSA Station to Doroteo Jose Station, I heard a group of college students, seated near me, talking about their school, professors and other students. One of them was hilarious and told the group of his new found jokes and humors. He got his cellphone from his pocket and read the questions stated below.

The first question, "Does Jennifer Love Hewitt?", did not get my attention because I do not know any information about Jennifer Love Hewitt. The second question, "Where did Vincent Van Gogh?" & "Did Rachelle Ann Go with him?", triggered me to smile. It was just the third question that I was able to listen because I had to go out from the train to go to our school.

While walking the LRT station's passage going to our school, the questions kept me smiling and thinking of the other possible questions.

It was just this day that I just stumbled upon this by Google searching the question, "Did Rachelle Ann Go with him?". Thanks to 6theory.com for providing this list of questions.

Here is the list of "Ten Questions without Answers":
What do you think? Will this go viral?

Whoever made the third question "Why is Norman Black and Redford White? Well then, is Chris Brown?" knew how to consolidate things of his own. Makers of the rest of the list of questions, those are, "Is Chow Yun Fat?", "What did Henry Sy?", "Did Jordin Sparks?" "Will Orlando Bloom?", "What is Victoria's Secret?" and "What does David Cook?" have wonderful day when they made them.

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