Hollywood actor and "Star Trek" favorite William Campbell died Thursday evening, April 28, at age 84. StarTrek.com told media that Campbell died peacefully and, appropriately following a long illness, in Woodland Hills, California, at the Motion Picture & Television Country Home and Hospital, a facility for which he worked tirelessly as an advocate, volunteer and fundraiser.

William Campbell was born on October 30, 1926 and was married to three women: Tereza (1962 - his death), Barbara Bricker (1960-1961) and Judith Exner (1952-1958).

According to Wikipedia, he was an American actor who appeared in supporting roles in major film productions and also starred in several low-budget B-movies, including two cult horror films.

The actor, beloved in Star Trek circles for his roles as Trelane in the TOS episode “The Squire of Gothos” and as the Klingon Koloth in the TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles” and the DS9 episode “Blood Oath" was remembered by Star Trek staffs, friends and the fans.

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