This is an excerpt from a Japanese independent TV show where conspiracy theorist Benjamin Fulford exposes the causes of the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster in Fukushima. He also announces the eruption of Mt. Fuji on the upcoming April 11th, 2011.

Below is the transcript of his speech:

I have some important information about the Fukushima nuclear plant accident. Based on information from the members of the Democratic Party and the Imperial Family, on March 9th, 2 days before the earthquake, Secretary of State Ozawa Ichiro and Rockefeller family representative for Asian affairs Kurt Campbell secretly met. During the meeting, Campbell asked him not to split up the Democratic Party in exchange of dropping the charges and stopping the criminal investigation against Ozawa. Campbell came Japan as a representative of J. Rockefeller who is an influential person in General Electric GE, which is the same company that built the reactors in an area they were told it was dangerous.

So if Ozawa followed their demands they will allow him the concession of giant deposits of Zerosite which is a product with the ability to clean up the nuclear waste. Before the disaster, Ozawa was offerred the concession of this waste cleaning substance, which means that the Fukushima nuclear accident was planned in premeditation. Additionally, it was only 4 months ago that plutonium was added to reactor No. 3. in spite of all opposition.

We have also a got other insider information regarding this accident. 1 month before the disaster the stock price of the construction company Higashi Nihon suddenly rose. However, in spite of the real estate depression and more than 3 million properties vacant, how come this construction company stock rose like that suddenly 1 month before the disaster?

Additionally, last month the Korean government shipped a huge cargo of Potassium Iodine substance for the prevention of radioactive intoxication from the radioactive iodine 131. In other words, this disaster was premeditated threat against Japan. The purpose of this threat is not only a financial threat as he explained before. The American Military Industrial Complex is about to go bankrupt because the international community and other groups are uniting against financing and supporting them. And because the Middle East government decided not to sell them any more oil they have decided to invade Lybia.

But the threat is not over yet. The American government in cooperation with Federal Reserve, the Rockefellers, and other powerful groups, they are planning the eruption of Mt. Fuji volcano. The earthquake and the tsunami was March 11th, 2011: 03, 11, 11. The Mt. Fuji Eruption they are planning is for April 11th, 2011: 04, 11, 11. However, here we want to expose this upcoming event to the public. We will also publish the GPS location of the HAARP earthquake weapon in America.

We will expose the American Military to the international community, the Japanese Defense, the Russians and the Chinese. So they can alert the world in seeking cooperation for the shutdown of these military facilities.

Why the Fuji Eruption did not happen on 4-4-2011?

Benjamin Fulford also added that "the cowardly Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan handed 60 trillion yen (approx. $715 billion) over to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate immediately after his country was attacked with High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and nuclear terror, according to Japanese security police sources. The extortion money was paid off following threats to use HAARP to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt.

You can read more about his article on "Japan’s government, threatened with more HAARP attacks, pays 60 trillion yen to Feds".

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