Teachers are considered as the builders of a nation. They are considered as the unsung heroes of a country. Even their salaries (in the Philippines) are also heroic ones. When they die, no recognition or honors are given to them. When they are buried, they are just buried in the normal burial grounds. Some of them have no tombstones and all of them cannot be determined in the burial grounds as the people who molded the young ones.

A high school graduate who joins the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) as a cadet has a salary of P21,709 but a duly licensed professional teacher (of course, a graduate of a 4-year course) occupying the entry-level position of Teacher 1 has just a salary of P15,645.

Without a teacher there is no soldier or peacemaker. Without a soldier or peacemaker, there is no peace on this land. Hence, without a teacher there is no peace on earth.

Generally, without a teacher there is nobody. There could be no bankers, soldiers, computer programmers, scientists, etc.

But they are the neglected ones. They are the reasons why we have the legislators but they were not heard by these legislators who molded them.

Oftentimes, if there is a move in the House of Legislators to increase pay of public school teachers, it is usually put into trash.

To make things short, what is the value of a Filipino teacher?

NOTE: Actually, the main topic of this article is about the value of a Filipino teacher. But since it was expected that this article will not be read using the title "A Value of a Filipino Teacher", the author changed it to an attractive one. The original article is too long but it was just shortened.

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  1. I really pity our Public School Teachers, it's about time our government elevate the status of our dear public servant.

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