Watch the Philippines Azkals vs Palestine March 23 match live stream. The Azkals face Palestine on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 5pm, as one of the games for their final group match in the event participated in by emerging football nations in Asia.

00 vs 00 - FULL-TIME

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FULL TIME: Philippines 0-0 Palestine (To qualify now, the Azkals need to beat Bangladesh as they shake hands before leaving the field - Bangladesh will play Myanmar now)

(90:00+) #pinoyfootball Guirado shoots instead of crossing from the right. Now a late freekick to Palestine in the Azkals area

(90:00) +3min injury time. Rob Gier's header from Anton free kick straight at Abdullah

(89:00) Palestine commit another foul as the clock winds down. Remember another draw means the Azkals need to beat Bangladesh on Friday

(88:00) cheiffy limping out of field. 88 minutes on the clock. still 0-0

(85:00) Chieffy cuts inside and shoots but straight at the goalkeeper. It's anyone's game as we go into the last 5mins.

(84:00) Anton couldnt get a touch on Jonsson's long pass. 84th min. time for a hero to rise Azkals

(82:00) Palestine throw deep into the #Azkals half but Chieffy skilfully clears

(80:00) the pacy winger Ismail is substituted. both teams just lack quality to finish.. still 0-0

(78:00) James gets into box but no space to shoot. Pal clears 78th min

(77:00) Anton yellow card for pulling back Atef. 77th min

(76:00) Guirado dispossessed and Palestine break. Through ball almost makes it but Gier makes the challenge.

(73:00) Still 0-0 as we enter the final 20 mins. Etheridge hits long but Palestine again win the first ball. Break but Neil collects.

(72:00) through ball from sub Atef for Murad,but Neil moves out of his line to save shot

(70:00) end to end stuff as Azkals making more chances. Palestine looking to counter but Alamour's cross just too far

(69:00) yellow card for player 41 of palestine

(68:00) Etheridge makes the block in a 1v1. good save

(67:00) Yannick wd timely block on Ashraf after flowing move from PAL. 67th min 0-0

(64:00) Azkals best chance.Chieffy side foot shot close range blocked after cross from James from right.Yanti follow up weak.64th min

(62:00) ATTEMPT: Angel wd a header off Anton's dree kick saved by Abdallah. 62nd min

(56:00) PAL attempt, Khader stinging shot from 30 yards Neil easy save. 56th min

(52:00) Great defending Rob Gier. Ashraf trying to cut insidefrom left bt Rob gets a touch for a goal kick #Azkals

(50:00) Palestine shoot straight at Etheridge. Guirado runs and wins a freekick from 30 yards. #Azkals chance

(48:00) Neil palms away cross from Ismael. 48th min

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(47:00) Chieffy brought down and the freekick is swung in. Guirado heads over but better start from the Azkals

(46:00) players back on the pitch and the Azkals huddle together. Second half begins. Come on Azkals!!

(HALFTIME) 0-0. Palestine had the best chances, hitting crossbar twice.bt #azkals show signs of life last 6 mins of half.

(47:00) nothing from the corner palestine attempts from far but way of goal ok its half time, 15 min break. HALFTIME still 0-0

(45:00) + 2mins injury time

(44:00) Chieffy's back on now, he's running everywhere. #Azkals corner now after Etheridge sweeps up again.

(43:00) another attempt by pales Niel gets it yes!!

(39:00) Azkals attack right back and Guirado isn't far off a Chieffy cross. Showing signs of life now.

(36:00) long kick by palestine almost went it thank God hit goal post niel leaped up to post and he is now down oh no (i think niel jumped so high and hit the post maybe hurt his fingers or hand phil medic not checking)

(35:00) another attempt by palestine way over goal post,

(33:00) simon yellow card near PAL goal

(31:00) Jonsson fouls on the half way line, Palestine freekick. Chieffy steals and is brought down outside the box. Azkals freekick. still 0-0

(30:00) Freekick to the Azkals 40 yards out Chieffy takes but again it's cleared. Second cross too long and Palestine have a throw.

(28:00) Ian chests down Anton's long pass at the edge of area, plenty of space bt no one there to shoot

(26:00) Greatwich gives away a freekick 30 yards out. It's further out but Palestine shoot. Hits the wall and the rebound goes over. still 0-0

(24:00) foul chiefy against much taller palestinian

(22:00) good dfense ali, but corner kick for PAL

(20:00) Guirado flicks on from a long ball but YH just can't reach Greatwich's pass. Palestine throw.

(19:20) Palestine hit the bar from the corner but it's cleared away. As you were, another corner!

(19:00) Lucena loses the ball and Palestine break. Right winger takes it past a couple of men but his shot is deflected. Corner

(18:00) 15 minutes in and no-one's had a clear chance. The teams probing each others' defences but both standing firm.

(17:00) Guirado wins a corner for the Azkals who are fighting for every ball. It's played in by Chieffy but Palestine clear

(16:00) PAL difficult to break down wd 5 man midfield. PHL settling for long balls

(13:00) corning kick for PHL (Angel still feeling effects of muscle strain going down easily on soft tackles)

(10:00) the Azkals are passing around well and Palestine seem to be looking for the counter attack. Very even first ten minutes. still 0-0

(07:00) PAL's Ashraf wd dangerous run after dispossessing Angel,but striker Murad offside. still 0-0

(04:00) good catch by Neil after Pal`s free kick, foul by Simon

(03:00) Azkals have most of the ball first 2 mins,but Palestine earns 1st corner

(02:00) corner kick for Pal but defense cleared it

(01:00) The #Azkals win an early throw Del R throws long but Palestine clear

(00:00) Gametime...


(5:00pm) Kick-off!

(4:59pm) handshakes done and they're on the pitch ready to start. 1 minute silence for japan and now KICK OFF!! COME ON #Azkals !!!

(4:58pm) Azkals huddle to pray on the field pray also every1 we need to win

(4:56pm) starting XI (PHL): Neil, Anton, Rob, Aly, Ray, Lucena, Greatwich, Angel, James, Chieffy, Ian

(4:54pm) flags are out, players are coming out the tunnel, national anthems being played, then game on

(4:50pm) Palestine flag & PHL flag now being brought out

(4:40pm) Azkals have gone back for the last words from coach weiss and manager palami. only a few mins til kickoff.

(4:20pm) players warming up; azkals in white! palestine red and green Jersey

(2:30pm) Azkals leaving hotel in a few minutes. all pumped up to play Palestine.

(2:10pm) Team lunch done, they are leaving hotel for stadium in about 1 hr

Source of LIVE UPDATE: azkals.info

According to Malaya news, they need at least two wins to secure a slot in next year’s final tournament, which will dangle one spot to the 2015 Asian Cup, the continent’s centerpiece event, in Australia.

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