The usual partitioning of a hard drive done by many computer technicians and professionals is by using a Windows Vista CD package and run it from boot menu. In this tutorial, you are going to proceed with a PC that has Windows Vista pre-installed and partition some parts of the available space of the hard drive.

Steps on how to create a new partition or volume in Windows Vista
  1. Click the Start button, type diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter  to open the Disk Management Utility.
  2. Right-click an existing volume and choose Shrink Volume to create space for a new volume.
  3. Once the dialog box is opened, enter the size of the new volume you are going to create.
  4. After shrinking, right-click the new "Unallocated" space represented in the program and choose New Simple Volume.
  5. Just follow the wizard's steps to create and format your new volume.

NOTE: You can shrink only volumes that use the NTFS drive format. Your new PC's drive is almost certainly NTFS.

Reference: PCWorld.com

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