A man and his alleged mistress were caught by a wife dating in Market! Market! Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. The fight between the wife and mistress or concubine was caught on a cellphone video by someone who is possibly a company to the oppressor.

This Youtube video was seen first in the Facebook community where thousands of comments and views were made just a day after uploading it. According to a Facebook user who uploaded it, the scandalous scene happened in Market Market Mall in Taguig on December 3, 2010.

Please watch this video with prudence because there is a lot of castigation and yelling.

Here is the story made by spot.ph about this video. It is titled "Wife attacks husband's alleged mistress in Manila mall".
A scandalous Youtube video that is fast going viral shows a certain woman in an orange shirt attacking an alleged mistress (in a black cardigan and white shirt) in a mall in Manila (supposedly Market! Market!). In the video, the woman chases the supposed mistress, grabs her hair, and throws her on the floor, inadvertently giving the crowd that has gathered a peek of what looks like the latter's black panties. Despite the mall security guards' and the husband's (in a white t-shirt and red backpack) attempts to separate the two women, the attacker refuses to let go of the alleged mistress' hair, yanking and pulling it throughout the whole video. When she finally lets go, she ends the assault with a kick in the alleged mistress's face.

The voice of another woman not shown in the video is heard saying, "Kapal ng mukha niyo; nang-aagaw kayo ng asawa ng may asawa! (How dare you steal someone else's husband?)" Later, she barks at some people in the crowd and seems to address them as if they are friends of the alleged mistress: "Ikaw matuto ka kaibigan ha! 'Wag niyong kinukunsinti kaibigan niyo. May asawa ang taong 'yan; kinakalantari niyo ha! Magkademandahan na tayo ha (Learn your lesson from this; don't enable your friend to steal someone's husband. We'll see you in court!)."

Uploaded on December 7 by Youtube user "ThisIsMyUserName619," the video now has over 5,000 hits. It has yet to be determined whether the attacker is the wife or a friend of the wife. User "ThisIsMyUserName619" commented in Youtube, "the first scene is The WIFE saw the MISTRESS with her HUSBAND and they actually FOUGHT in the elevator but then the WIFE got the upper hand when the girl with the orange shirt (probably her friend) helped her and then she beat the hell out of that girl."

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