The PCSO Grand Lotto 6/55 Game will be drawn tonight, November 24. As noted in the previous post, this lotto draw has 28,989,675 6-number combinations. It implies that a single 6-number combination has the probability of winning equivalent to 1 out of 28,989,675 or 0.0000000344950400444296 chance of winning. Such probability is obviously less than the probabilities of winning 6/49, 6/45 or 6/42 draws. Hence, the chance of winning Grand Lotto Draw is very very small. That is why the prize keeps on increasing and increasing because of very little possibility of winning.

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Based on the previous increments of the jackpot prize, the Grand Lotto 6/55 jackpot will reach as much as Php630 Million pesos tonight, November 24, 2010.

ADVISORY: If you would like to be 100% winner to this Grand Lotto, you need to spend 28,989,675 x P20 = Php 579,793,500.00. Here you will gain more than 100 millions with respect to the possible night's prize of about Php620 million. Why more than P100 million gain? (Please click here.) The grand prize of this lotto draw is tax-free as amended by R.A. 1169. It implies that you need at least 2 more draws to have a profit of few millions because it is possible that the prize will reach more than Php600 million. But BEWARE because it is possible that you will NOT be the winner alone.

Grand Lotto 6/55
Jackpot: ₱633,911,065.20
Winning numbers: 04-41-40-55-42-45
Winners: None

MegaLotto 6/45


Swertres Lotto
11:00 am: 6-7-1
4:00 pm: 2-8-5
9:00 pm: 8-8-1

EZ2 Lotto
11am: 21-18
4pm: 13-10
9pm: 11-27

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  1. 28,989,675???how come these are the only combinations?..am not gud in math but this is wrong i think..considering 6 spot, on the first you have 55 choices,2nd=54 choices and so on..therefore number of combination is;
    c = 55x54x53x52x51x50 = 2087256600 combinations.
    dream of the moon fall to earth, thats the chances of winning..lols..

  2. Whoever you are Anonymous, you do not know what you are talking. Actually, this is the admin. The admin is a university professor in FEU. You're answer is 100% wrong and you're right you are not good in math. The answer you mentioned, 2 087 256 600, considers arrangement of the result. It means that the result, for example, 2-45-25-27-34-55 is as is. In other words, the placement of draws matters. In Grand Lotto, you are just filling the boxes in the ticket in any order. The above 6-number combination is the same as 2-25-27-34-45-55. The c = 55x54x53x52x51x50 must still be divided by 6! (6 factorial) to get the correct number of combinations.

  3. What you have mentioned about c = 55x54x53x52x51x50 is a permutation and not combination.